Voisietequi 2016, another great success for Italy’s first voting advice application

10 years have gone by since the first edition of voisietequi. For the 2016 local elections that just took place, over 35 thousand people participated and had a chance to discover which candidate to vote for. Four sets of 20 questions for Rome, Milan, Naples and Turin. 

Voisietequi was born in 2006 for the political elections that brought Romano Prodi to power. Since then the voting advice application was recreated for the 2008 and 2013 political elections, the 20011 local elections, and 2014 european parliament elections. A voting advice application is a web application that helps voters find a candidate or a party that stands closest to their preferences. A growing phenomenon that is quickly spreading all over the world.

The sixth edition of voisietequi was for the local elections that just took place in many Italian cities. More precisely the focus was on Rome, Milan, Naples and Turin. Each of the four cities had a specific set of questions, each dealing with local and national issues. More than 50 candidates were running for mayor in the four cities, and the test was an opportunity for many citizens to better understand which politician to vote for. Over 35 thousand citizens took the test that was previously completed by the candidates. By comparing the answers, we were able to place each user on a map with all the politicians running for mayor, and visually show them which candidate was the closest.

In many cities a second round was necessary to determine the winner. At this point, we were able to compare the answers given by the two front runners in Rome, Milan, Naples and Turin and better understand the differences between them. We also placed the candidates that did not make it to the second round and saw how close they were to Raggi and Giachetti in Rome and Fassino and Appendino in Turin.

Once again Voisietequi received great media coverage, and was embedded on many websites (SkyTg24, L’Espresso and many more).