Index of Parliamentary Productivity – the 2014 edition is out

Through quantitative and qualitative elements we looked at the work of Deputies and Senators of the Italian Parliament to verify their political and legislative efficiency. The 2014 edition contains analyses of Government-Parliament relationship, dynamics of both Houses and MPs rankings.

Index of Parliamentary Productivity.  The first release in 2011 was the result of a fundamental need to add a qualitative element in the assessment of the activity of elected representatives. Newer editions kept the original structure of the index, while trying to grasp on the main changes, both political and procedural, that took place with the following grand coalition Governments.

Government does it all. Progressively the Government has been taking over the legislative power. 84% of approved Laws – and all the most important ones – in the XVII Legislature were introduced by the Executive power. Parliament and majority parties backing the Renzi coalition appear to be boxed out, with the Government dealing directly with opposition parties on its own.

Parliamentary oligarchy. Almost 1.000 MPs and only 100 manage to actually influence parliamentary life. Most of the time effort and attendance aren’t enough, and what really matters is holding key positions in political parties – group chairman for example – or political institutions – Committee chairman for example – roles that decide the political priorities and the agenda.

May the discussion begin. This report offers a synthesis of the institutional activities of MPs, with the goal of sparking some kind of constructive and useful debate between citizens and politicians. The methodology is clearly described, and we released all the data we used in our study. At the same time we ask Institutions to continue their efforts to open public data and informations, in order to make our future reports more complete.

Updates on a daily basis. For the 2014 edition we utilized data from the beginning of the XVII Legislature, up until October 10th. Daily updates are available online at and

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